Located in Northern Michigan, Grand Traverse County 911/Central Dispatch is a consolidated public safety answering point (PSAP), responsible for handling requests for law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies for the entire County of Grand Traverse as well as the City of Traverse City.

911┬áis the number most people in the U.S. and some in International countries call to get help in a police, fire or medical emergency. A 9-1-1 call goes over dedicated networks to the appropriate 9-1-1 answering point (PSAP) for the caller’s location, and trained professionals then send the emergency help needed.

April is 911 Education Month

  • Call If You Can, Text If You Can’t – Text-to-911 service is becoming increasing available to communities across America. Grand Traverse County does NOT have capabilities to receive text messages. A voice call is still the best way to reach emergency services.
  • Know Your Location – Wireless calls to 911 provide location information, but 911 call takers may need more specific information. Be prepared to provide detailed information on where you are so that help can get to you as quickly as possible.
  • Stay Calm and Don’t Hang Up – When you are ont he phone with 911, you are their eyes and ears. So, until you are instructed to do otherwise, stay on the line so that you can provide any necessary information or assistance of the 911 call taker.

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